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3:37 pm on Thursday, June 6, 2013

Snowball has been violated

Walked out to go to work this morning and was rudely surprised by a pile of plastic and glass all over the road. Someone hit Snowball, my 1991 Range Rover Classic – Great Divide Edition – #101 of 400. There was no note on the truck and no dead cars nearby.


We started to look closer and found parts of a Toyota Tundra lying in the mess. Well, now we had something to go on. My wife got on the phone to insurance while I dialed 311 to get a report started. 311 was busy and took a message to call back.

While I sat there looking at the mess Dakota rode off on his bike following the trail of parts. A few minutes later we get a frantic call, “I found it! I found the truck that hit yours!” He gave the address and I told him to book it home. I grabbed a camera and keys to Shannon’s car and we drove over there to take pics. I called 911 from their front yard to say we’d found the driver.

About 10 minutes later a cruiser pulls up and asked what the issue was and I ran down the story. He explained that there was likely nothing to be done legally as we had no eye-witness to who was driving but we probably had enough to get him in civil court if we wanted to go that way. He said he’d look at their car and grab some info and meet me back at my place.

About 15 minutes later the officer finally comes over to talk to us. He’s smiling and hands me paperwork with all the guy’s info. while he was there the guy came outside. He admitted to hitting the truck ‘something small‘ about 2AM this morning. He said he planned on going back later today. The officer implied that he could take the guy to jail right there. I know and the cop know the guy was almost surely drunk but there’s no way to prosecute on that. Only for the hit and run. The officer asked if I wanted to prosecute and I told him that I just wanted my truck fixed. He agreed that prosecuting would really just be a waste of time and probably end up in just probation for the driver.

The damage while ugly is all cosmetic. The frame is untouched as is the drivetrain. I hope. He launched the truck forward a couple feet. I hope that didn’t damage the transfer case or anything. We’ll see. I will have it looked over closely.

So, I have his insurance company info and I won’t be out of pocket. I’m just hoping the insurance doesn’t want to total her. Looking at costs to repair it could be a close call. Either way I will get her fixed and will continue to love my Snowball.

More pics of my and his truck can be found here: http://fann.in/gallery3/index.php/Snowballs-accident

I even got video from our security camera here: 

The rest of the day wasn’t great either. Broke the zipper on a favorite sweat shirt at work and one of my servers got hacked so I got to clean that up too.

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