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3:43 pm on Monday, August 18, 2008
and how!

and how!

…and how!

Yes, I did it. I bought an iPhone 3G. Bit of a hassle with AT&T to get it done but I did. Once I heard from guys at work that they had it connecting to the VPN to check internal mail I was sold. Now, I just need Tom-Tom software for it to be perfect.

I got it jailbroken without much issue which was needed to get around a VPN bug in the phone. I’m not totally in love with it. My old iPod is far better for straight music listening so I’ll probably keep it around for now.

I’ve found a couple of cool apps that’ll make my life on the road so much better.

  • One is ‘Wikime‘. It’s a app that uses your location and finds articles in Wikipedia that are tagged with a location near you. Great for finding those little known things while in a strange city. And only $.99.
  • UrbanSpoon – Find nearby restaurants easily
  • Now Playing – find movies at nearby theaters with rating, trailers, etc
  • Simplify Media – Lets me listen to any song in my entire library at home while on the go. Makes up for the tiny, by my standards, 16GB of storage.

It’s a fun toy. Not perfect. The battery life leaves a bit to be desired but it’s a fun toy.

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